Single Trail Racks V2 Pivot Recall Program

Currie Engineering has determined that, due to a limited number of warranty claims, there is a tolerance fault in some V2 tilting racks that can result in the locking mechanism failing when fully loaded. There is the potential for damage to your bikes and transport safety concerns in the event of failure.

Our commitment to you is to provide high-quality products that are a result of comprehensive testing and engineering for your safety and that of your bike(s). Therefore, we are voluntarily recalling all V2 tilting racks to replace the faulty part and preserve that commitment to you.

We will replace all V2 rack parts with our upgraded V3 system, which sees an increase of 300% strength and an improved locking mechanism, free of charge.


The affected racks are all versions from 2-6 Bikes fitted with the V2 Single Trail pivot and were sold between during 2020 and early 2021 – as pictured.

If you have the new V3 you do not need to take any action and have received this email in error. Only V2 Pivots are affected and recalled.

What to do to participate

In the interest of road safety and care for your property, we advise that all users of the V2 Pivot bike racks stop using your rack immediately until we are able to provide you with your replacement.

An email to all customers who purchased a Single Trail rack with the V2 system notifying of our voluntary recall has been issued.

Please click on this link to fill out the V2 Warranty Process form:

After Registration

We have dedicated all resources and extended our manufacturing processes to fulfil all new orders and complete this program with minimal inconvenience to all our valued customers. We will do our best to communicate with you clearly about what to expect and when. All affected pivots will be replaced with our new V3 system as soon as we are able to. All new and existing Single Trail rack orders will be delivered with the V3 pivot.

In the meantime, we sincerely appreciate your patience and your continued faith in us. We are a small Australian company that is committed to doing our best for you. And we’re confident that your replacement will be even better than the original.

This program does not affect any racks with our new V3 pivot system which has been completely overhauled and upgraded.

For all other queries, please direct them to