Stick Rake FAQS

Here's some of our stick rake frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions not listed here, send us an email from the contact page!

The material we use for our tines is Screen Wire. Screen wire is super strong like spring steel but is tougher making it longer wearing.

Yes you can rake over roots. The tines are designed to deflect over roots but care should still be taken when driving over large roots.

If you are concerned about large roots, use a hand rake first to pull the litter away from the roots.

The standard tow connection is a pin type. The pin connection attaches to the eye on the back of the mower.

If you have a 50mm tow ball, you can purchase a rake with a 50mm ball hitch.

Our stick rakes can be towed behind an ATV. You might have to extend the tow point on your ATV outward so the handle clears the pack rack on the back of your ATV.

We make all our rakes here in Australia. We source our materials from local supplies and use Australian materials.

Our rakes are certified Australian made and carry the Australian made logo.

Yes we ship Australia wide. Rakes come flat packed in a cardboard box and require little assembly.

Both size rakes work great and will save you a lot of time and energy regardless of which one you decide on.

If you are still having some trouble deciding here are some pointers that might help you decide.

If your land is relatively smooth or have a large mower, the Jumbo Stick Rake is a good option. At 50% wider than the Standard Stick rake you will get the job done in almost half the time.

If you want to get between close trees, or your land in uneven or have a smaller mower, then the Standard Stick rake might be more suited to you.