At Currie Engineering, we are committed to products with leading design and engineering innovation standards. Our priority is to continue evolving our range to enhance usability and longevity and we will stand behind your decision to support us.

Advice given by Currie Engineering is advice only and should used only as a recommendation. Depending on you specific use case of our products you may need to seek the appropriate legal or engineering advice. The following outlines the product warranty.


We have always backed the products we’ve designed, manufactured, and sold, and we want our customers to be confident that they are purchasing a quality Australian product and will be supported for the 5 year from the date of purchase.

The Currie Engineering is a limited warranty on the structure of each Currie Engineering product to the original purchaser.

No warranty is given for defects caused by normal wear and tear, cosmetic rust, scratches, accidents, unlawful vehicle operation, commercial use, or modification of, or any types of unapproved repairs of the product.

The Currie Engineering warranty works as a hierarchy of repair and replace.

The priority will be to replace defective parts with new or upgraded components, this will require the purchaser to have access to basic hand and power tools. All instructions and replacement parts will be made available by Currie Engineering, along with additional phone support if required.

Where a product cannot be repaired, we will replace all or part of the product, so it is brought back to good use.


Unfortunately (but we hope it’s understandable), there are basic exclusions to the warranty that we are happy to offer with our products. They cover the event of fault if the product is being used in a manner that it was not intended. Pretty simple.

What are the exclusions to the Currie Engineering warranty?

Subject to your rights as outlined by ANZ Consumer Laws and may be additional to the product warranty, Currie Engineering does not give any warranty:

  • If damage was caused by a fortuitous event(s);
  • If you are not the original owner of the product;
  • If the product was purchased from a retailer other than those authorized by Currie Engineering;
  • If road safety instructions are not followed;
  • If you continued to use your product while it was damaged;
  • If the product was not installed correctly;
  • If regular inspection and maintenance is not carried out;
  • If abrasive or rigorous cleaning methods and substances are used;
  • If the product was repaired by a person other than Currie Engineering;
  • If the Currie Engineering product was used for an activity other than those for which it was intended;
  • If the Currie Engineering product and/or its components were subject to abusive use, negligence, abnormal and/or excessive use or was implicated in an accident;
  • If the product(s) were modified (ex: polishing, structural or mechanical modification or addition, stripping, sanding, strain hardening, shot peening);


Racks that have been abused, crashed, altered, modified, or installed on vehicles that don’t have the required down weight rating.


Hardware (bolts, washers, nuts, tynes, tyres, handle grips, spring bolts, lynch pins and sparex pins etc.). These parts are subject to wear and are not considered defective when worn. However, replacement parts are readily available by contacting sales@currieengineering.net

Coating, warranty does not include powder coat or other finishes. Please still get in touch with photos as powder coat and zinc finishes should not flake freely off from normal use as they are industrial strength coatings.


We warrant all our products against defective workmanship and, or materials for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase plus proof of the defect will be required and must be received by us within seven days of product failure and prior to the end of the twelve (12) month period from date of purchase.

We take no responsibility for the repair of any products rendered defective or damaged through normal wear and tear or incorrect use of the product. We do not provide warranty on any tynes, tyres, handle grips, spring bolts, lynch pins and sparex pins. We do not provide warranty on any products that have undergone modification. We reserve the right to determine whether the product is defective. We do not accept responsibility for any product, which is damaged in transit. Faulty parts may need to be returned to us as part of the Warranty process. Freight costs each way will be paid by the owner / purchaser of the product. Purchasers, dealers or agents of Currie Engineering products are not authorised to give warranty on behalf of us. Claims will only be recognised, if lodged as outlined below in the Warranty Process.

Product specifications are subject to change due to our company’s policy of improvement. Design changes and improvements maybe made by us whenever we believe the effectiveness of our products can be improved. We have no obligation to incorporate any improvements to products, which are currently in service or have been supplied.

Warranty process

Contact us, or your dealer, or point of purchase who will contact us.
Photos and or video footage may be required to process your claim with a short description of the problem.
The claim will be assessed by us to determine whether the warranty claim will be approved. This can take up to five working days from when we are first notified of the problem and proof of product failure.
Any work commenced without approval from us will not be covered by Warranty. Labour will only be covered by us if the item is returned to the our workshop. In most cases replacement parts are simple to fit and our workshop staff can assist with technical advice via email or phone to assist customers with fitting replacement parts.
Travel and freight charges associated with the processing of the Warranty Claim will not be covered by our Warranty and is the responsibility of the owner / purchaser.